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Epiretinal Membranes

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Epiretinal membranes are the result of cellular proliferation along the internal limiting membrane and retinal surface. They are hypo-cellular largely collagen structures and can be either idiopathic or secondary. They vary in severity from very subtle membranes to thick membranes covering the macular region.

The so-called idiopathic type of epimacular membrane has been shown to be caused by glial proliferation through a defect in the internal limiting lamina, usually created by a posterior vitreous separation. Secondary causes include retinal vascular occlusions, diabetic retinopathy, the aftermath of surgical procedures such as like retinal detachment surgery, ocular inflammatory conditions and the after-effects of laser or cryotherapy.

Contraction of these membranes causes retinal wrinkling and several types of retinal detachments, usually micro-detachments.

Patients with macular epiretinal membranes can experience a relative loss of vision accompanied by metamorphopsias.

Those patients with recent loss of visual acuity, metamorphopsias and/or angiography leakage, must be submitted to surgery, particularly if they need a cataract removal.

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